August 07, 2020

PNGO launches an appeal to the international community on the second anniversary of Cairo conference on Gaza reconstruction

PNGO launches an appeal to the international community on the second anniversary of Cairo conference on Gaza reconstruction

The humanitarian situation in the Gaza Strip has been deteriorating at a rapid pace; the unemployment rate has risen by around 42 percent, 65 percent of the population has been living below the poverty line – the percentage of those living in extreme poverty showed dramatic increase to 38 percent, and about 80 percent of population depends on aids, due to the continuance Israeli occupation illegal and inhumane blockade imposed on the Gaza Strip for the ninth year in a row.

 In 2007, Israel imposed a full blockade on the Gaza Strip; which as a result affected the movement of people including patients, pupils and traders into and out of the Strip.

The blockade also affected the construction process weakened the flow of the reconstruction materials into the Gaza Strip which resulted in slowing down and delaying the reconstruction and worsened the situation of  thousands of families whose houses were destroyed during the 2014 aggression on Gaza Strip.

The blockade slowed and delayed the reconstruction of the damaged infrastructure causing the contamination of the groundwater and acute shortage of water. Besides all that mentioned above, the slow disbursement of pledges made by donors in Cairo conference held in October 2014 as well as the continued Israeli occupation attacks on the fishermen and the attacks on farmers and the farmlands have worsened and deteriorated the situation in the Gaza Strip.

80 Palestinian NGOs signed the appeal, warning of the deterioration on the various aspects of the situation in the Gaza Strip; in particular the most vulnerable sectors in the Palestinian society; children, women and elderly people and on the occasion of the second anniversary of Cairo donor conference held in October 2014, we call upon the international community and donors in particular to:

  1. Exert serious pressure on the Israeli authorities to completely lift the blockade of the Gaza Strip and facilitate the movement of people and goods in both directions, and ensure the flow of the reconstruction materials into the Gaza Strip without conditions and restrictions, and abolish Gaza Reconstruction Mechanism (GRM).
  2. Accelerate the fulfillment of their obligations in Cairo conference to ensure adequate housing for the displaced families, and address the implication of the offensive, blockade, and the natural population growth in the Gaza Strip.
  3. Provide necessary funds to rehabilitate the main sectors including electricity, water, sanitation, health, education, and other vital sectors.
  4. Work Hard to provide projects that fight poverty and unemployment in the Gaza Strip and contribute to the development of the national economy.

NGO’s signed the appeal:

Democracy & Workers’ Rights Center-  Palestine, Palestinian Association for Development and Reconstruction – PADR, AL manal Society For Devaloping The Rurol Woman, Agricultural Development Association (PARC), National Society for Democracy and Law – NSDL, Al Ataa’ Charitable Society, AlTwasol Forum Society, The National Society for Rehabilitation Gaza Strip, Al Dameer Association for Human Rights, Union of Agricultural Work Committees, Beloved Palestine Foundation (B.P.F), Union of Health Work Committees, Developmental Assembly to build a family, Palestinian Farmers Association, Gaza Community Mental Health Programme, Remedial Education Center(REC), Pal Youth Network, Ard El Insan Palestinian Benvolent Association, Baitona for Community Development, The Arab Center for Agricultural Development, Zakher Association for developing Palestinian Women capacities, Childhood  Welfare  Association, The Society of Women Graduates, El-Maghzi Cultural Society Center, El Wafa Charitable Society, Aisha Association for Woman & Child Protection, Community Media Center, THE ASSEMPLY BENEVOLENT OF OPERATION, Dr.Haider Abdel Shafi Center for Culture and Development – HCCD, ALtaghreed Association FOR Culture , And Development, Youth Development Association, Institute for Development Studies – IDS, Basma Society for Culture and Arts, The Culture & Free Thought Association, Peace Sport Club For Persons With Disabilites, Alnagda Social Association, Palestinian Medical Relief Society (PMRS), Wefaq Society For Woman and Child Care,  Al-Karmel Cultural & Social Development Association, Elamal rehabilitation Society – Rafah, Palestinian Al Nakheel Association for Progress and Development, Palestinian Centre for Human Rights, Al Sattar Garbee Association for Developing Countryside and Farmer , Al-Ahlyia Association for the Development of Palms & Dates, Right to live Society, Local Association For Social Services, MAAN Development Center, Mothers School Society, The Coalition for Accountability and Integrity (AMAN), AlKramaa Center for Culture and Development, Balsam Rehabltion Society, Yaboos Charity Society, Developmental Assembly to build a family, Fajir Association Relef & Development,

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