August 15, 2020

PNGO education sector statement

PNGO education sector statement

Palestinian NGO’s Network PNGO education sector members have followed with great interest the issue of returning to schools in the Gaza Strip, especially with the conflicting information about the date of returning to schools in light of the Corona pandemic. The situation continues with the suspension of a group of special schools’ teachers, which affects the students with disabilities right to obtain an education.

Thus, PNGO education sector recommends the following:

First: The need to announce returning to school’s plan early with a clear and a specific date. The announcement manner should also include the way the educational process is taking place whether virtually or face-to-face, with limitations to face-to-face classes and reduce number of students in the classrooms, Furthermore, the announcement should be unified and agreed upon by all parties while taking into account the spread of and impact of the pandemic in each place. Going back to school should also be away from political disputes to avoid any crises that may result in making inharmonious decisions.

Second: The need to have better consultation and engagement of civil society organizations and provide them with the necessary information about the date and procedures of returning to schools. This is key since these institutions are supportive of the educational process, and they have an important contribution to creating a safe and inclusive educational environment for Palestinian students.

Third: Everyone should carry on  their responsibilities to find solutions to the crisis made by suspending the contracts of special education teachers. This may affect approximately 800 students with disabilities. Without solutions to this crisis, these students are at risk of being denied the services of educational institutions.

Fourth: The necessity of working strategically during and after the end of the pandemic on reinforcements and alternatives for face-to-face education. This is seen to have an impact on developing students’ personalities and capabilities in terms of research and discovery. It also helps them in accessing and seizing various learning sources, including e-learning websites and community education.

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