February 17, 2020

GCMHP has been providing Psychosocial Support to Boarder Violence Victims

GCMHP has been providing Psychosocial Support to Boarder Violence Victims

In collaboration with OCHA, Gaza Community Mental Health Programme has been providing mental health and psychosocial services to people affected by violence in the context of demonstrations at the perimeter fence of the Gaza Strip.

The one-year project aims at alleviating the psychological distresses among vulnerable children and their parents, and adults in general, who have been affected by the border events, or what is known as ‘the Great March of Return’ protests.

By using the existing referral system, those cases are detected and referred by case managers and psycho-social support staff working in family centers, Child Protection and MHPSS networks and workers in the health facilities. Other cases are also self or family-referred. The clinical services are provided by specialized multi-disciplinary team at GCMHP three community centers located in Gaza city, Deir El Balah and Khanyounis.

The therapy plans administered include psychotherapy, play therapy, medication, individual counseling, family counseling and home visits.

1920 cases are targeted by this project which also includes provision of psychotherapy and counseling sessions to people injured during the border events and their family members.
Psychotherapy and counseling sessions are provided at 5 mobile stations hosted at community-based organizations (CBOs), covering all the Gaza Strip governorates.

The project started in the first of May, 2019 and ends in 31st of June, 2020.

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