October 20, 2019

Women’s Affairs Center Concludes Discussion Sessions on “Gender Issues and Gender-Based Violence”

Women’s Affairs Center Concludes Discussion Sessions on “Gender Issues and Gender-Based Violence”

Gaza – April, 2019 \ Women’s Affairs Center in Gaza (WAC) concluded (60) awareness-raising sessions on issues related to gender-based violence for household women and men. The sessions were held in a number of women community-based organizations in all governorates of the Gaza Strip within the framework of “Reducing VAW/GBV against Marginalized Women and Girls in the Gaza Strip” project, funded by Trocaire.
The sessions tackled a variety of topics, the most important of which were gender, women’s rights, domestic violence, violence against women, support and protection mechanisms, enhancing self-confidence, and using women’s potentials for creating positive change.

Sherin Rabie, Coordinator of Empowering Women Unit at WAC, explained that the sessions aimed at raising awareness and sensitization on issues of violence against women and gender-based violence, pointing out that (360) household women and men attended the sessions.

WAC carried out (30) sessions for household women and (30) sessions for household men, with age ranging from 25 to 55 years. The sessions were facilitated by youth groups of 50 female and male university graduates who had previously received training on gender-based violence at WAC.

Rabie also mentioned that, after attending the awareness sessions, men had become more aware of women’s issues, and that their incorrect and traditional perception of women had changed.

A number of male participants confirmed that they had become more supportive of women’s issues and had changed their misconception of some issues which led to improving their roles at their homes.

In the same context, female participants commended the sessions as they made them more aware of their rights and duties and more capable of raising the awareness of other women appropriately.
It is worth mentioning that this project is being implemented for the third consecutive year.

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