May 27, 2019

PWWSD Continues its Effort towards Combating GBV in Cooperation with 10 CBOs in the West Bank and Gaza Strip

PWWSD Continues its Effort towards Combating GBV in Cooperation with 10 CBOs in the West Bank and Gaza Strip

The Palestinian Working Woman Society for Development, together with COSPE, is currently implementing an emergency project titled “RISE UP – Supporting Inclusive mechanisms for preventing, mitigation, and combating GBV in Palestine”, funded by the Italian Development Cooperation. The intervention is carried out in collaboration with 10 CBOs spread through the West Bank and Gaza Strip. The project involves establishing 10 psychosocial help desks through employing and coaching 10 psychological counselors whose tasks include organizing a series of activities aiming towards combating gender-based violence in Palestine.

Under PWWSD’s supervision and guidance, the CBOs has conducted 28 awareness sessions in both the West Bank and Gaza Strip reaching to more than 750 women and young girls aiming to introduce the topic of  psychological health and protection mechanisms in order to contribute to the prevention of serious cases of violence with a main focus on GBV. Additionally, 21 support groups were formed to enhance women’s psychosocial health and develop their capacities to combat GBV. The project also targeted university students through forming 13 developmental groups for the purpose of building the student’s knowledge on mechanisms of combating GBV, and by offering them practical training in individual and group counseling, psychosocial first aid, as well as self-care strategies. As part of the project, the counselors provide individual and group counselling sessions to women in specific. Thus far, more than 70 individual counselling cases has been followed up in Gaza and the West Bank.

It is worth noting that PWWSD delivered a 50-hours training prior to starting the implementation of the project to 26 counselor joining the 10 counselors who are employed as part of the project and other counselors from different organizations in the West Bank and Gaza Strip. The training worked on developing the capacities of counselors to organize awareness sessions on gender-based violence and mechanisms of combating it. The participants were also trained in advancing their skills in conducting support and development groups, as well as individual and group counseling. Additionally, the counselors of PWWSD and the 10 CBOs undertook training workshops by Francesca Pidone, expert on GVB working for La Casa della Donna di Pisa for the purpose of capacity building, noting that the second mission of the training will be followed up during March.

According to PWWSD’s psychologist Niveen Afaneh, PWWSD is currently collaborating with COSPE in developing an internal protection mechanism that aims to strengthen protection policies and offer psychological aid for battered women. This system is supported by TDP, EDUC AID, and the partnering CBOs and DPOs.

“Supporting Inclusive mechanisms for preventing, mitigation, and combating GBV in Palestine” is an emergency project funded by the Italian Development Cooperation, and in partnership with COSPE, EDUCAID ONLUS and TDP. The project aims to strengthen CBOs capacities coping with traumas, violation of rights of vulnerable people living in Gaza strip and in the C area in West Bank, with a special focus on women survivors  of violence, PwDs and WwDs, and is being implemented in partnership with six CBOs in Gaza, namely: Alatta’a  charity Society and Family Development Association/ Beit-Hanon; Fares Al Arab Association- Gaza; Woman’s program center – Al-Breej and Al Maghazi ; Ajyal al mostaqbal Soceity- Rafah, in addition to ADWAR/Hebron and three CBOs from Nablus, namely: Yanabee’ Charitable Association-Bit Foreek; Burin Charitable Association- Burin; and Howara Charitable Association- Howara .

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