February 19, 2020

PNGO conducts workshop on enhancing women’s role in humanitarian crisis management

PNGO conducts workshop on enhancing women’s role in humanitarian crisis management

Palestinian NGOs Network (PNGO) held a workshop on “Enhancing Women’s Participation in Humanitarian Crisis Management” as part of the project “Rights and Resilience” within “16 Days of Activism Against Gender-Based Violence” Campaign in partnership with ActionAid Palestine.

A  large number of NGOs representatives, human rights activists and experts attended the workshop.

Director of PNGO,  Amjad Al Shawa, in his opening speech stressed that the humanitarian situation in the Gaza Strip is unprecedented in the history of the Palestinian people, amid unprecedented rates of unemployment, poverty and food insecurity.

Shawa pointed out that financial deficit suffered by Palestinian NGOs estimated at more than 70% according to a survey conducted by PNGO, has directly impacted the NGOs programs and services.

He stressed the need for intensive efforts to ensure the participation of women and youth in leading humanitarian interventions at all Levels.

Director of Palestinian Center for Democracy and Conflict Resolution, Abd Al-Monem Al-Tahrawi, presented his paper, on enhancing women’s participation in the management of humanitarian crises.

He said that the Palestinian internal division still casts a shadow on all aspects of life, including women’s issues, and stressed that ending the division is the key to achieve national unity and end the Israeli occupation.

Tahrawi pointed out that the legal system in Palestine does not promote gender justice. Therefore, women’s rights are widely violated and the political and institutional decision-making participation is unfairly distributed.

Tahrawi stressed the need to protect women and raise their awareness to assume their roles and take practical and realistic actions for effective and real participation in crisis management.

Director of AISHA association for Woman and Child Protection, Reem Fraina, in her paper “The Role of Civil Society Organizations Towards Women in Humanitarian Crises” stated that Palestinian CSOs are committed to applying Change Theory and promoting human rights-based approach while providing services to abused women and girls.

She explained that civil society organizations still provide multiple services during various types of crisis to women and girls, especially the abused and disabled women and girls.

  Fraina said, “No one denies NGOs achievement to ensure complementarity and non-duplication in providing humanitarian services to ensure that the real and actual needs are met and that the suffering of society in general and women in particular is alleviated.

At the end of the workshop, the participants called to develop a strategic plan to manage crises and emergencies and involve women in the humanitarian work and in the management of humanitarian crises.

They also called to provide protection for women and girls in accordance with international law and the human rights-based approach.

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